Ischia is surrounded entirely by beaches and bays, all ready to be discovered and each unique. In general, there is a large choice of public beaches and private beaches, many of which are surrounded by outdoor cafes and restaurants. The coasts offer long sandy shores overlooking the open sea, such as Maronti and Cava dell’Isola, but also beaches protected from the reefs, ideal for children, like Chiaia beach in the municipality of Forio. The beaches of Ischia are made up of tiny crystals, of volcanic origin, or pebbles and reef, to be explored with rubber soled shoes.

The waters of the island have both large and small reefs, which rolled down from Mount Epomeo millions of years ago and then were carved by the wind and the waves of the sea. Today, these masses can be reached swimming and are ideal for sunbathing in peace and snorkelling. Among the most famous is the Fungo (the Mushroom) that dominates the little beach at the centre of Lacco Ameno. Ischia also offers protected bays like that of San Montano, beaches in the shadow of the Aragonese Castle, and hidden rocky shores. For those who love adventure, Ischia is a paradise: In addition to the famous and popular beaches, there are areas that are only reachable by boat, car, or scooter. These beaches overlook natural pools enriched with marine life and surrounded by reefs. We recommend bringing fins and masks, sunscreen, and a packed lunch. The richness of the thermal waters of Ischia has only been partially tamed: In the bay of Sorgento, for example, the hot thermal spring water mixes with sea water in a series of baths surrounded by rocks, while on the beach of Cavascura, there is a grotto with an 86 degree natural sauna.


The Bay of Saint Francis
In Forio, the beach of Saint Francis is a bay next to the rocky point of Punta Caruso, from which one can admire the most beautiful panoramic view of Forio’s skyline.
The water is clear, and the beach is peaceful. Beneath the coastline, visitors will find a stretch of public beach and a beautiful walk, overlooked by nightclubs, bars, and restaurants on the waterfront. Here one can enjoy fresh fish, served also in the evening.
On the beach are available beds and parasols, paddle boats, and windsurf gear for rent.
How to get here:
The beach of Saint Francis is only a few kilometres away from the port of Forio; it is easily reachable both by car , via the bus lines CD, CS, 2, and with the Pegaso shuttle.

Chiaia Beach – Forio d’Ischia
Chiaia is the most conveniently located beach in Forio: It overlooks waters protected from the reefs and is one of the most frequented. The shore is long and sandy, the water is shallow and perfect for children. A large part of the beach is accessible upon payment of an entrance fee, and sun beds, lounge chairs, and parasols are available for rent; however, at the two ends of the beach, near the centre of Forio and in proximity of Saint Francis, the beaches are free.
How to get to Chiaia Beach:
The beach is in Forio and can be easily reached, on foot or by bus from the centre via the CS line, and from Ischia and Casamicciola via the CD line, then on foot for 200 meters.

Cava dell’Isola – Forio d’Ischia
Cava dell’Isola beach is the most picturesque and wild beach of Forio. Invisible from above, it is connected to the road by a long series of small steps, making it the beach of the youth. It is also the only entirely free beach on the island, and, since it faces west, people can swim until eight in the evening. At Cava dell’Isola Beach, the sun scorches and the sand is very hot. The beach looks out on the open sea, clean and full of fish, and along the stairs there are three restaurants.
How to get to Cava dell’Isola Beach:
The beach is accessible by bus from the centre of Forio via the Giraforio shuttle lines B1 and B2, or via the CD, CS, 2, and 1 lines from the rest of the island. Then it is a short walk descending the stairs.

Bay of San Montano – Lacco Ameno
This beach, which is protected by a bay, is one of the most beautiful of the island. The water is clean with green tones, the sand is fine and golden, framed by spurs of rock that descend into the sea. Legend tells us that miraculously appeared here the body of Saint Restituta, patron saint of Lacco Ameno, celebrated during the festival dedicated to her.
How to get to San Montano:
The beach is in Lacco Ameno and can be reached by foot from the central square, or via bus on the CD, CS, 1, and 2 lines from the rest of the island. From the bus stop, continue for 250 meters by foot.

Maronti – Barano d’Ischia
Maronti beach is the longest beach in Ischia and is one of the most beautiful. The volcanic sand extends from the little isle of Saint Angelo to Punta Imperatore. The area faces south, providing enchanting panoramic views, which have been a backdrop for many films, but also very high temperatures. It is famous around the world for the thermal springs that flow into the sea: The most famous of which is Cavascura. Overlooking the beach there are cafes and restaurants, providing sunbeds, parasols, lounge chairs, beach volleyball courts, and paddleboat rentals.
How to get to Maronti Beach:
Maronti Beach is reachable by bus from the Port of Ischia via the 5, 10, and 11 lines, or from the town of Saint Angelo by foot or water taxi.


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