Wellness Centre

Special Massages


Hot Stone

Hot stones help dissolve muscle rigidity, improving joint mobility and alleviating tension along the spinal cord.


4 Hand Massage

The movements of two masseurs merge to create a flow of vital energy, promoting wellness and recovery.


Body Scrub Massage

A full body scrub that works to eliminate all the dead skin cells that accumulate over time. This massage helps rejuvenate the skin, allowing it to breath and resulting in smooth, luminous, and more uniform pigmentation.

The product is massaged into the skin without being rinsed, a true wellness and beauty treatment.


Chinese Foot Reflexology

A foot massage technique that tones and recalibrates the energy of our organs.




Vitality Elixir

The pleasure of a stimulating and detoxifying treatment using garcinia powder, mixed with black sesame oil and ginger, to rapidly remove excess toxins from the body.

Stimulates the metabolism and oxygenates the tissues.


Nature’s Spell

The pleasure of a regenerating and smoothing treatment, using the precious powder of jasmine rice mixed with perilla oil and spices, and essential oil of frangipani. This treatment hydrates and softens the skin, while providing complete mental relaxation.


Romantic Treatments for Him and Her

Thermal bath, Turkish bath, do it yourself body scrub, 50-minute couples’ massage, aperitif in the relaxation room.


Pamper Yourself with Friends

Thermal bath, Turkish bath, mask and facial massage, aperitif in the relaxation room.


Back in Shape

The "Back in shape" package helps recover harmony with your body through a series of treatments.

Place your trust in the hands of an expert and find your splendour and your smile.

The Back in shape package includes: Manicure, pedicure, facial, revo oxygenation treatment.


Terme Tifeo

Wellness Centre

In an enchanting location, filled with aromas, melodies, and soft light, where wellness is a ritual and each individual is unique, you can trust the professionals to know how to best suggest personalized treatments for your every need.



Medical Visit

Medical Consultation


Thermal Treatments

Mud and Thermal Shower

Mud and Thermal Bath

Thermal Bath

Thermal Water Aerosol

Thermal Water Inhalation

Rent a Robe up to 7 days


Physiotherapeutic Treatments and Devices 


Personal Physiotherapy Treatment


Magnetic Therapy


TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)



Body Treatments

Mud Scrub

Anti-cellulite Mud Compress

Smoothing Treatment

Slimming Treatment

Firming and Hydrating Treatment

Draining Treatment



Facial Treatments

Deep Cleansing Facial

Stem Cell Treatment

Regeneration of the skin using plant stem cells

Hydrating Treatment

Exfoliation, mask, massage

Antioxidant Treatment

Intense Hydration Treatment

Dry skin

S.O.S Treatment

Sensitive skin

Revitalizing Treatment

Mature skin

Active Thermal Treatment

Hydrating, nourishing, anti-acne


Oxygen treatment to rejuvenate the skin

Ideal for: Aiding cellular regeneration, slowing signs of aging, purifying, and revitalizing the skin

Revo Stem Cell

With stem cells


Beauty Treatments

Leg wax

Partial leg wax

Armpit wax

Arm wax

Bikini wax

Facial wax



French manicure

Aesthetic pedicure

French pedicure

Healing pedicure

Nail polish change


25 Minute Massages


Relaxation / Energy / Circulation

Personalized full or partial massage


Head and Face Massage

Relaxing massage of the head, face, and neck with essential oil, for a smooth and luminous skin.


Back and Neck Massage

Relaxing massage of the back, shoulders, and neck with sweet almond oil which alleviates pains and muscular tension.


Draining Leg Massage

Reduces excess fluid retention and gives the legs a pleasant light feeling.


Aromatherapy Massage

Regenerative and anti-stress. Full posterior body massage with organic aromatic oil, promoting vitality and total relaxation.


50 Minute Massages


Abhyanga Massage

In the Ayurvedic tradition, widespread especially in India, mind and body are an inseparable unit. Massage is fundamental for health because it harmonizes the three Doshas, i.e., biological energies: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and eliminates physical and mental toxins, creating a positive emotional equilibrium and elevating the spirit. The massage is completely personalized. The practitioner will assess the individual’s physical needs to recommend the appropriate massage from the following:


Vata – Anti-stress

Relaxing full body massage, utilizing enveloping and harmonious movements. It conveys sensations of warmth and softness, improving circulation and joint flexibility. In addition, since the colon is the organ in which the Dosha reside, this massage is good for relieving constipation.


Pitta – Emotional

Delicate pressure from the head to the feet, slow, relaxing movements encompassing each part of the body. The movement terminates at the extremities, releasing tensions and giving a sense of freshness. The massage focuses on the solar plexus, under the sternum, melting emotional blockage and excess acidity.


Kapha – Reactivating

Draining and stimulating massage, it helps to dissolve fat masses. The muscles are enveloped using the fingers and the palm of the hand, dissolving spasms and giving vitality.


Anti-stress Massage

Analgesic and relaxing massage of the muscular system, using a mix of different massage techniques.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Works on lymphatic circulation, stimulating the elimination of toxins and reducing water retention and bloating.


Tension Relief Massage

Dissolves tension and contractures, using rubbing and deep pressure massage techniques, relieving localized pain of the back and spinal cord.


Anti-cellulite Massage

Promotes the circulatory system of the legs, buttocks, and abdomen, with energetic and draining massage techniques

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