Events in Ischia

Events in ischia: from Religion to Culture


The island of Ischia has always been a crossroad for diverse cultures: Between land and sea, cultural vacations, and religious traditions. Ischia has always hosted artists and writers, a place for them to find restoration and inspiration. Because of this, the traditions of Ischia fluctuate between the sacred and the profane.


Ischia hosts rituals that nurture the religious soul of the island, as well as festivals and symposiums that host the shimmering world of the jet-set. The tradition and mysticism of Ischia is revealed in the patron festivals and the historic commemorations: Not only simple village celebrations, but heartfelt performances that depict the life of the saints, while juxtaposing fireworks with parades full of mystery and emotion. A festival on the island should be experienced for this reason: It is fixed in time, deeply felt, and the faithful participate with sincerity and passion. Alongside these festivals, are cultural appointments, which evidence the island’s status as a chosen homeland for true intellectuals. Awards for journalism, film festivals, exhibits, and reviews dedicated to new forms of communication, all take place here. Not to mention the thermal tourism, represented by the world’s only fair dedicated to thermal waters, and the small village festivals, winter festivals, harvests, tastings at dawn in the marinas. In these pages you will discover the most important events of the island, throughout the entire year.






In Serrara Fontana, on the 17th of January, we celebrate the patron Sant’Antuono with fireworks, light shows, and live music. After the celebration, all can enjoy tastings of local cuisine and wine.


April and May


In Forio, the Monday after Easter is a day not to be missed: The village centre hosts the Corsa dell’Angelo, a charming religious parade.


In May, Lacco Ameno celebrates Saint Restituta, the patron saint: from the 16th through the 18th, the village hosts the commemoration of the life of the saint. The legend tells the story of Saint Restituta, returned from the sea, who was burned aboard a boat in front of Africa, and then reappeared miraculously alive in the Bay of Saint Montano. In addition to the procession, in the village there are concerts, market stalls, and fireworks.




From the 13th to the 24th of June, lovers of film should not miss the Ischia Film Festival. The festival promotes full-length films, short films, fictions, documentaries, and advertising spots. Awards are given to the films and artists who prioritize Italian locations. An important event for the cinema jet-set and tourists from around the world.


In Forio, from the 15th to the 18th of June (dates may vary), one of the most important religious festivals of the island is held: The celebration of the patron saint of Torrione, Saint Vito.


For an entire week the village celebrates this festival, filling the main street and the historic characteristic alleys with lights, colours, and market stalls. Throughout the week there are many events, not only religious ones, that culminate with the firework festival, a spectacle which brings together all the inhabitants of the island and a great number of tourists. Find more details about this wonderful festival on our blog:


The 24th of June, night of Saint John, is celebrated with the "Ndrezzata", an ancient costume dance. In Buonopane, in the municipality of Barano, 18 dancers and thousands of tourists meet at the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Here, together with the musicians, the dancers act out a battle with swords and wooden bats, to the music of a nursery rhyme in ancient Ischian. The "Ndrezzata" dance is always repeated here, the Monday after Easter.





The first week of July sets Ischia as a cultural focal point for the Ischia International Journalism Awards: Each year, big names and writers celebrate the world of journalism, with artists and personalities from the world of culture. The award ceremony is broadcast each year on Sky.


The 26th of July, Ischia Ponte celebrates Saint Anna: A large festival on the water, in front of the Aragonese Castle of the town of Ischia Ponte, with floats on the water and a dreamlike atmosphere. After the float parade, the castle is “set on fire” with lights and fireworks, a large firework display illuminates the night reflecting off the mirror of water below. A suggestion: enjoy the show aboard a boat.



The 26th of August, Ischia Ponte lives again its past with the Festival of Saint Alessandro. Two hundred people in costume parade across the pier in front of the Castle, representing all the history of Ischia, from the first Greek colonies, to the Bourbon splendours, to the traditional farming costumes.




The first Sunday of September, Ischia Ponte celebrates its patron, Saint John Joseph: The statue of the saint is carried in a procession and celebrated with a large firework display.

On the 29th of September, Saint Michael, the patron saint of S. Angelo is celebrated: The procession runs through the ancient neighbourhood and arrives in the central square, where the festival continues with other events.


September in Ischia is also the month of premium music: For the entire month, national and international jazz musicians arrive for the Ischia Jazz festival. Free concerts and events are organized in enchanting areas around the island.


In the middle of September 2 other extraordinary highly anticipated events take place: Andar per Cantine (Cantina Crawl) - read our report on the 2019 edition here e Ischia Safari, dedicated to cuisine and taste, from small cellars to international chefs.




If you find yourselves on Ischia for the Christmas holiday, spend Christmas Eve in Forio, in its city centre, at the Church of Saint Gaetano. Here, mass begins at six, after the return of the fisherman, and continues with a long procession through the streets of the centre.


There are many other events on the island. Choose when to depart and let yourselves be swept away, not only by the beauty of this place, but by all the activities that take place on the green island...

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